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  2nd Generation Cartilage Transplant (Video)

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Matrix-induced Autologous Cartilage Transplant (MACI)

The video is of a patient who is in her mid-30s who presents with persistent knee pain and swelling of 1-year duration. Clinical & MRI examination shows a cartilage ulcer of the kneecap, which is not responding to physiotherapy. Post-operatively, she made a good recovery and has returned to her sports.

MACI represents a new technique in the evolution of cartilage transplantation. It is a 2-stage process, where the first stage is that of a cells harvest done through a keyhole surgery. The second stage involves an open surgery where the cells, which are cultured on a membrane, are implanted. The key difference is that in MACI the cultured cartilage cells are now implanted onto a membrane instead of being in a liquid form (see video on Cartilage Transplant)hyperlink. This leads to the elimination of periosteal patch harvest and its attendant donor site morbidity and pain. In MACI, the membrane is pasted onto the defect instead of being stitched, technically simplifying the process.

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